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Gisel B.

Angie Hoops - Gold/Pearl

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    Timeless and chic, Gisel B handcrafts French jewelry from recycled gold and cultured pearls. The gold Angie hoops are made from ombre natural blush pearls delicately bound by 24k plated gold to create the creole hoop. Soft enough for casual wear and stunning enough for a nice evening out.

    Female founded in 2015 by former seamstress, Clemence Masson, Gisel B jewelry is handcrafted in Valence, France from 80% European materials. The line is influenced by the founder’s grandmother, Gisel. Gisel B maintains a French workshop of quality craftsmen and women with the goal of offering high-quality, ethically made jewelry at an affordable price. Pieces are gold-plated for longevity and the brand is working toward primers with recycled gold. They use cultured pearls and ethically sourced, genuine semi-precious stones. All jewelry is guaranteed lead and nickel free.


    Cultured, round pearls 6mmx8
    5cm in length
    3 micron 24k gold plated

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